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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's rehearsal day!

Tonight is my sisters wedding rehearsal!


Super excited.

I've been making jokes with my family that we will need shamwows instead of tissues to soak up all the tears soon to come.  We are super emotional people.  I cry at EVERY wedding I see.

I cried when Jesse and Becky got married.

I cried when Zack and Kelly got married.

How am I not going to cry at my sisters? and by cry I mean sob like a maniac.

I even cried watching the JK wedding dance to Forever, I mean come on.

Anyone have any tips how to NOT be a blubbering idiot the day of the wedding? :)

Got my speech all typed up and ready to go.  Tomorrows agenda is mani and pedis and last minute running around followed by an evening watching Bridesmaids with my sisters and maybe some wine. Ahhh.

I can hear the mimosas calling me already for Friday morning.

What are you weekend plans?


  1. Replies
    1. Surprisingly I didn't need too many! I did cry, just kept it under control. :)