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Friday, May 11, 2012

(di)Stressed Much?

<begin rant>

I need a vacation.

I can't seem to keep up with cleaning the apartment...
I need to find a second job...
My boot camp membership just ran up last night.

It was bittersweet.

I was attending boot camp 2-4 nights a week for the past 4 months.  No wonder I can't keep the house clean! After work, I'd eat something light- trek to boot camp- sweat my rear off- come home and pass out. This was my life.

Without boot camp how am I supposed to get my anger out? How am I supposed to de-stress? I'll have to do it on my own I guess.  *gasp*  I'll have to push myself...on my own.  It's intimidating.

What else is intimidating? Knowing I make signs for a store now! A real life store- someone can mosey on in and buy a sign.

A sign that I made.

THAT is intimidating.

I'm dropping my first "batch" of signs (batch reminds me of cookies...now I want cookies. NO! No cookies - I have to push myself...on my own, remember?) at the store tonight.  I'm nervous.  What if no one likes them? What if they don't sell? I'm having second thoughts. They are no where near as good as these other signs I see all over the internet.  I swear Pinterest is giving me a complex.

I saw Lucky 7 Design- I don't even remember where. I was browsing blogs one morning and found it.  Such a cute little store, tons of shabby chic decor- the things I LOVE.

OH LOOK! They are in NJ.
OH WOW! They are in the town right next to me.  I made it a point to stop in.

I loved it, and I loved the owner, MJ.  We got along real well, had a lot in common and got to talking.  I had only made maybe 5 signs at this point and I showed her the photos.  She loved them enough to ask me to post some up in the store.  Exciting! So that leads up to date...

Enough blabbing, now to the real point of this post.

I've been seeing French decor around a lot lately.  It's striking to the eye.
Maybe it's the romanticism of the language.  After I spotted a bunch of french 'wordiness' on The Graphics Fairy last night I decided to try my hand at a small French sign.

Still getting used to the small hand painting details.  I knew once it was sanded down, most imperfections would blend in.

Here comes the issue. How much distressing is too much? Can you over distress?  I've heard many bloggers say you can never distress too much!


No really, the last two, I wanted to do after I over distressed this poor french piece.

It looks old alright.  *sigh*

I hate it. I think I hate it.  I don't know what to think about this.

What do you think?  Can there really be too much distressing?

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  1. YAY and congrats on the new store interest, that's awesome :)

    I was going to say it could not be overdone but the more I think about it, the more I realize that's not true. There is a fine line, like with all art - there's a nitch/spot that scratches an itch. :) You do great work, never judge it by one piece.

  2. Hahahah, great rant!! I love the sign, I don't know if I think you can over distress. I really think it looks great!!

  3. Hi Becca, very nice to meet you. I feel for you. Trying to juggle a job and keep things go smoothly at home is difficult. Try to relax this week-end.
    Your sign is charming.

  4. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my porch swing ~ i really appreciate it!

    pinterest gives me a complex too! :)

  5. Love the rant, we all need to do that once in a while you know. What a cute sign. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

    1. I just needed to let it out :) Thanks for "listening"!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lorrie. I decided to keep it like that :)

  7. Cute sign - very nice job - the distressing definately makes all the difference! Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change