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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not gone and not forgotten!

Happy Tuesday all!

I realize my blog has been quite lonely lately. Wedding things and cleaning the house have taken over my life.  We also do not have internet at home at the moment.  We decided to cancel it to save money - and well....it kinda totally screwed my whole "I'm gonna start a blog" idea.

Quite a few things have gone on that I can't wait to blog about. I've had some great yard sale finds, Mr Fiance Penguin has had some great finds as well!

I've been making some signs still.  Here and there, sometimes.
Here is my most recent.

It's on my new mantel. :) So I guess you can say this is a sneak peek of the mantel decor. Well, it's only a sneak peak if I ever get around to posting about it.  Someone, make sure to remind me about this later.

I feel awful that I've neglected the blog but I have the first 2 weeks off of work in July. Hopefully I can get some painting done, try some new things and be able to post about them shortly thereafter.

I do tend to update my Facebook more than my blog lately so go ahead and give me "like"- stay up to date! 

So? What did I miss on my hiatus?

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