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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Letters

I love browsing blogs and I love browsing Pinterest.
Usually the incessant browsing of Pinterest leads me to the browsing great blogs.

A few weeks ago I came across Yarn Wrapped Letters from My Sister's Suitcase
I knew immediately I had to try this. These would be perfect for my sister's bridal shower!
I scoured EVERY.SINGLE craft store in my area for paper mache block letters. No one carried them... I was a sad little crafter. I searched high and low online to find affordable ones when I reached heaven! Consumer Crafts was the answer. Not only did I buy my paper mache letters from here but they have so many great things I can't find in stores, for such a great price!
I got the 12" letters and I bought round mirrors to help accent the centerpieces. Once the shower is over, I plan on doing a sunburst mirror with one of them (or a few).

Back to my letters. I was so in love with these yarn letters.

Now, the colors for my sisters shower are green and white/silver.
I bought 3 different colors; a light green, a dark green and white and went to town.
I didn't include a tutorial, because My Sister's Suitcase did an excellent job! I followed theirs almost to a 'T'.

Here was my end result:

I love the way they came out. I decided to do different patterns on each letter and the V is my absolute favorite. I adored the way My Sister's Suitcase had the letters stacked- so I gave that a whirl. Don't mind the log in the corner. It's a piece of our Christmas Tree trunk. I love the rustic look it gives on the top of the cabinet.

Itching to try some yarn wrapped letters? I still want to do more. Steve (my fiance) suggested our initials. I get all giggly when he gets into my crafting and starts shooting out ideas.

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  1. Oh, when you said yarn wrapped I was thinking one colored yarn! These take it to a whole new level!! Love them.

    I love penguins too- so I am your newest follower :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Glad you enjoy them, Zoe. They are a bit time consuming, but the finished result is worth it.

  2. Becca! These turned out AMAZING! I love how each letter has its own pattern... fabulous! I have you on my list and I will definitely include you when I do my follow up letter post. I have 3 so far... maybe I'll just go ahead and do it soon. Thanks for trying it, they look great.

  3. Oh my gosh they are HUGE! So cool! I've been seeing these around & keep thinking they'd be fun to do, but I'm not sure what word to use!

    1. They ARE fun. :)
      Just dive in. Maybe start with a single letter, like an initial?