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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Whew! Planning a surprise party is not an easy feat. While the end result, as long as all goes well, is well worth it, I can't imagine planning another one in the near future.

Especially not a bridal shower. I pledged a sorority in college, I should know that a bunch of women together do not always agree. Boy, was this a perfect example. Despite all of the ups and downs, the end result is what counts and my sister, Rachel, was as surprised as could be!

Rachel works as a hair stylist in a small salon. Every employee works EVERY Saturday. Ut oh. This was going to be a problem. If she just so 'happened' to have off Saturday, she would most likely figure it out. However, her boss, had a brilliant idea. (or not so brilliant as it made us all feel even worse for lying to her)
The boss had told Rachel, "You were chosen as one of THREE out of THIRTY shift managers to receive a special award! The managers and higher ups want to show their appreciation to you girls by hosting an awards ceremony and a bowling luncheon at Brunswick Zone." (Yes, I held my sisters shower at a bowling alley, I'll get to more of that a minute) She was super excited...we felt super bad.

Needless to say, she fell for it and stressed over what to wear. Stressed over what to say. Stressed over what the award was. Great, now we are BOTH stressed.

Enough rambling, long story short, we got her! The party went off without a hitch (is that the correct saying?) and everyone had a blast.
Here are some photos!

Instead of a wishing well, I made it camping themed and made a "Wishing Tent".
The banner was cut out using my Silhouette and some patterned paper I had laying around. I used some bailers twine and clothes pins to hang it up. The Welcome Mat in front of the tent was my fiances idea. The mat added the perfect touch.

Remember my Yarn Wrapped letters post, here?

I used them as decoration on the gift table.

I also found this wonderful printable that went perfect on the buffet table. You can download it for yourself here.

Don't mind the cake pops. They came out funky and we tried to salvage them as much as possible. They sure tasted yummy no matter what they looked like. The cake pop recipe can be found here over at Cookin' Cowgirl.

Aww, Sister love. ♥

The happy couple:

Oh yes. The bowling alley.
Many moons ago, (about 6 years ago) CJ asked Rachel to be his girlfriend while on a date at the bowling alley.
Two years ago, CJ asked Rachel to marry him...at the bowling alley. The center put it up on the screens and he got down on one knee. It was super cute.

So naturally, where else would I want to host the bridal shower? :)

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