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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Letters

I love browsing blogs and I love browsing Pinterest.
Usually the incessant browsing of Pinterest leads me to the browsing great blogs.

A few weeks ago I came across Yarn Wrapped Letters from My Sister's Suitcase
I knew immediately I had to try this. These would be perfect for my sister's bridal shower!
I scoured EVERY.SINGLE craft store in my area for paper mache block letters. No one carried them... I was a sad little crafter. I searched high and low online to find affordable ones when I reached heaven! Consumer Crafts was the answer. Not only did I buy my paper mache letters from here but they have so many great things I can't find in stores, for such a great price!
I got the 12" letters and I bought round mirrors to help accent the centerpieces. Once the shower is over, I plan on doing a sunburst mirror with one of them (or a few).

Back to my letters. I was so in love with these yarn letters.

Now, the colors for my sisters shower are green and white/silver.
I bought 3 different colors; a light green, a dark green and white and went to town.
I didn't include a tutorial, because My Sister's Suitcase did an excellent job! I followed theirs almost to a 'T'.

Here was my end result:

I love the way they came out. I decided to do different patterns on each letter and the V is my absolute favorite. I adored the way My Sister's Suitcase had the letters stacked- so I gave that a whirl. Don't mind the log in the corner. It's a piece of our Christmas Tree trunk. I love the rustic look it gives on the top of the cabinet.

Itching to try some yarn wrapped letters? I still want to do more. Steve (my fiance) suggested our initials. I get all giggly when he gets into my crafting and starts shooting out ideas.

I'm linking this post up:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Officially SPRING!

Today marks the first day of Spring. Woot. Woot.

I'm itching to hit up some yard sales this season to see what "treasures" I can find. I've already gathered a few things from Craigslist.

I snatched up these windows for some vinyl art.

and this little outhouse style tool shed...for FREE! The question I have now, is what color to paint it? My fiance wants to keep it red. I'll debate a little longer. What color would YOU paint it?

I'm also new to these things called 'barn sales'. I'm noticing a lot of barns have these periodically and I absolutely must make a point to attend some. I can only imagine the beauties that are hidden in there. There aren't too many barns where I am from in NJ, but the southern girl in me will be sure to find some.

Aimee from My *PINK* Life sure knows where to find the good stuff! Take a look at some of these gorgeous signs she's made!

I'm in love with the hinges on these. I can only hope to be so lucky to find similar items in the future.

Here is a look at some of Aimee's other sign projects

Interested in trying your own wood art? Aimee also offers up her own tutorial, here

Go ahead, make your own wood art. I'd love to see it when you do. I can't wait to find me some hinged door goodness.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Hoo" are you?!

I was doing my usual browsing of blogs this morning (yes, I'm at work. Shh. Don't tell) when I came across Night Owl Crafting
It's a total different kind of linky party and I love it! She asks some questions on HER blog. You answer them on YOUR blog and link it up to her party. So cute right? What better way to get to know your fellow bloggers. I'm totally in.


1. What are a couple of your favorite green foods?
Hmm, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream for sure! Thin mints, do they count? The box is green, they should count! Granny Smith apples, yum.

2. Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?
Not usually. Since I am sloooowly getting into being crafty again, I plan on tossing a few things together. It's my mom's birthday too!

3. Do you have Irish in you?
Sure do! I'm a mutt. A bit of everything. I hated those heritage assignments when I was a kid. I could never remember all of them.

4. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
As I said in a question above, it's moms birthday, so we at least celebrate that a little bit. Usually my extent of celebrating is going to a bar in a nifty St. Patties Day shirt with some green bling! (That hasn't happened recently though. It makes me sad) Here is a picture of me a few years ago!

5.Use one word that represents each letter in the word LUCK in your life!

Let's see:
L: Lively!
U: Uplifted (and yes, I had to google adjectives that start with "U". Don't judge me)
C: Caring. I'd use crafty, but that is too obvious. hehe.
K: Kind.

This was fun. Night Owl Crafting does this every Tuesday. I will be sure to come back and check out her other questions next week.

Give it a shot. Head over and join the party!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A new face...

The Sassy Penguin.

What *is* the definition of "sassy" anyway?

According to Google - Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky

According to Urban Dictionary- possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool. <- This one made me giggle.

Now take a look at my NEW banner. Do it. Go look. I need other people to balance out all the looking at it that *I* keep doing.

Seriously, I can't get enough of it.

Thanks to Panda Brand Graphic Studio I can look at this penguin, full of sass whenever I want. Don'tcha just love the hand, fin, flipper, wing on her hip? So much personality stemming from that lil' guy.

Head over to Panda Brand Graphic Studio Facebook HERE and give them a "like".

On your way out, take another look at my penguin. You know you want to. ;)

All you need is...

What a great weekend! The weather was b-e-a-utiful, got some good finds on Craigslist, shared a lot of great laughs with my fiancé and finished the weekend with some zombies and The Walking Dead. Of course, that pesky daylight savings time just HAD to sneak itself in there somehow. I hate losing an hour of my day but I like LOVE that it stays lighter so much longer. When I realized it was 7:03pm last night, I looked outside and smiled. It just makes me happy.

My wood art I made yesterday also makes me happy!

Now, I'm my own worst critic and there are so many things I should have done differently, but hey, now I know for next time, right? This was my first attempt with limited resources.

What I used:

Silhouette SD
Black cardstock
White Acrylic Paint
Pink Acrylic Paint
an old wooden shelf (I had bought a box of these last year at a yard sale and I just took the "shelf" pieces off the bottom)
a foam brush

I painted 2 coats of the white on the wood first. It was so nice out, I painted on my balcony. (It dried quicker that way too. I'm impatient...not a good trait for a crafter.)

In the meantime, I cut out my words from my Silhouette onto black cardstock. I would have used vinyl but I don't have any. It IS on its way though. I would have used contact paper but I couldn't find the correct blade, so cardstock it is. (This works well for those who do not own a cutting machine. Cardstock and an Xacto knife will yield the same result!)

This is where I kinda goofed. The "inner" parts of the letters were missing! I had forgotten that is what happens when making a stencil. Silly me. I should have found double sided tape or something of the like. Instead I used glue. It worked great keeping the pieces down while I dabbed the paint on my newly made stencil however, removing them proved to be a problem. There is still some residue from the glue which you can see in the pictures, but it adds to the vintage feel of the sign. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Overall, I'm pretty proud for my first attempt. I cannot wait to try others!

How about you? Did you try anything new over the weekend?

This is my first time attempting to add something to a Linky Party. I read a lot about linky party etiquette last night and i hope it do it right!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Awesome Head Gear!

I had the house to myself last night which always screams CHICK FLICK! :)
I surrounded myself with my latest project *hint- I was covered in yarn*, popped In Her Shoes into my DVD player and enjoyed the night. It felt good to get back into crafts. It also felt good to keep my hands busy and stay away from munching on snacks! I've been having this internal fight with myself over whether or not I should eat those girl scout cookies sitting in the corner calling my name. Knowing I have to report in for boot camp usually squashes those tiny little innocent cookie voices. Busy hands are a good thing! I'm itching to finish the project. I can't post it for a while, no matter when I finish it, I don't want any secrets to be let out of the box. :)

On to the REAL point of this post:

Beautiful weather is upon us which means new wardrobes. Not for me, I'm broke... but I know a lot of people go out and buy bright new Spring and Summer outfits. Outfits for vacations, bathing suits and just new clothing to feel good in.

Accessorize! What better way to compliment a new ensemble?

I'm here to share a long time friend, and sorority sisters wonderful business. Heads Hair Bows

All of Ilana's bows are handcrafted as well as other accessories! She also takes custom orders! Check her out on Facebook HERE and don't forget to like her page.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air...

The weatherman was actually right! Sixty degrees today and up to seventy degrees tomorrow! Wowzers. New Jersey didn't really have much of a winter anyway, unless you count the snow storm in October. I'm just ready for the warm breezes, BBQ's and the sand between my toes!

I decided to start this blog at a horrible time. I'm used to horrible timing. My life has been sucked up by Boot Camp and wedding planning, both mine and my sisters and I've barely had time to breathe! Hopefully as things calm down, I will have more time to post and blog about things. In the meantime, I can sit for hours looking at other blogs and Pinterest, gathering ideas and not actually doing a single one of them. One day I will.

Back to the weather. Before we hit summertime, however, Spring follows suit. Who woulda thunk? ;)
To get in that springtime feeling I wanted to share a blog I came across with some wonderful Easter treats and fun crafts!
I think my favorite has to be the Oreo Chicks!
Check out how adorable these little chickies are!!

(These also are cute since it's Oreo's 100th Birthday this year!)

Check out all the other fun Easter ideas that Kierste shows on her blog, brown paper packages

Check back in soon. I am really excited to work on (and show you) something for my sisters bridal shower.