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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air...

The weatherman was actually right! Sixty degrees today and up to seventy degrees tomorrow! Wowzers. New Jersey didn't really have much of a winter anyway, unless you count the snow storm in October. I'm just ready for the warm breezes, BBQ's and the sand between my toes!

I decided to start this blog at a horrible time. I'm used to horrible timing. My life has been sucked up by Boot Camp and wedding planning, both mine and my sisters and I've barely had time to breathe! Hopefully as things calm down, I will have more time to post and blog about things. In the meantime, I can sit for hours looking at other blogs and Pinterest, gathering ideas and not actually doing a single one of them. One day I will.

Back to the weather. Before we hit summertime, however, Spring follows suit. Who woulda thunk? ;)
To get in that springtime feeling I wanted to share a blog I came across with some wonderful Easter treats and fun crafts!
I think my favorite has to be the Oreo Chicks!
Check out how adorable these little chickies are!!

(These also are cute since it's Oreo's 100th Birthday this year!)

Check out all the other fun Easter ideas that Kierste shows on her blog, brown paper packages

Check back in soon. I am really excited to work on (and show you) something for my sisters bridal shower.