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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Hoo" are you?!

I was doing my usual browsing of blogs this morning (yes, I'm at work. Shh. Don't tell) when I came across Night Owl Crafting
It's a total different kind of linky party and I love it! She asks some questions on HER blog. You answer them on YOUR blog and link it up to her party. So cute right? What better way to get to know your fellow bloggers. I'm totally in.


1. What are a couple of your favorite green foods?
Hmm, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream for sure! Thin mints, do they count? The box is green, they should count! Granny Smith apples, yum.

2. Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?
Not usually. Since I am sloooowly getting into being crafty again, I plan on tossing a few things together. It's my mom's birthday too!

3. Do you have Irish in you?
Sure do! I'm a mutt. A bit of everything. I hated those heritage assignments when I was a kid. I could never remember all of them.

4. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
As I said in a question above, it's moms birthday, so we at least celebrate that a little bit. Usually my extent of celebrating is going to a bar in a nifty St. Patties Day shirt with some green bling! (That hasn't happened recently though. It makes me sad) Here is a picture of me a few years ago!

5.Use one word that represents each letter in the word LUCK in your life!

Let's see:
L: Lively!
U: Uplifted (and yes, I had to google adjectives that start with "U". Don't judge me)
C: Caring. I'd use crafty, but that is too obvious. hehe.
K: Kind.

This was fun. Night Owl Crafting does this every Tuesday. I will be sure to come back and check out her other questions next week.

Give it a shot. Head over and join the party!


  1. What a cool link party! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! They would look amazing as rustic vases at your reception! You have to let me know if you make them!!! Have a great Friday!! A