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Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Hello there, fellow crafters.
I started this blog because I love to make my fiance crazy with messes I make. Seriously, crafting in an apartment is no easy feat. I actually went almost a whole year without doing anything because I was afraid to leave my stuff out and aggravate him. Well guess what? I'm afraid no longer!

I grew up always doing different crafts as a kid. My mom was big into sewing, (I'm glad I don't have pictures of some of the outfits she made us), plastic canvas, anything we could do without hurting ourselves, mom let us do...in moderation.

For a long time, scrapbooking was my hobby. I started with magazine cutouts, photos and glue. I cherish those albums, even though looking at them now compared to my new stuff, makes me cringe. I refuse to re-do them, though.

I decided just recently that I want to expand my crafting abilites and try new things. This blog will be just that. Documenting my *attempts* at different crafts...while on a budget. I will try new things, including but not limited to, home decor, holiday gifts, and of course WEDDING do-it-yourself crafts. (I'm getting married in 2013!)

Feel free to leave comments, critisim and anything you may want. I will always to link back to the original idea if it is not my own, so no worries, I'm not a thief. If you see something that is yours and I didn't credit it, please let me know.

Happy Crafting everyone!!

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