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Monday, June 24, 2013

My 'found' treasure- my lovely bouquet

We had a long engagement. Longer than most.  We got engaged May 28th 2011.  We got married June 1, 2013. We were engaged 2 years and 2 days.

2 whole years to plan a wedding!   I entered every dang wedding blog giveaway possible, and believe it or not, I won quite a few!

On June 14th 2012, I won my bouquet.  I never would have dreamed it would come out as gorgeous as it did.  You can see the winning post here.   It wouldn't have been possible without Big Day for 10K hosting the giveaway and EightTreeStreet offering up a free bouquet in the giveaway!

Loved. It.

I seriously don't even have the words for how awesome and perfect this bouquet was.  Maribel from EightTreeStreet was so great to work with (even with it being a giveaway)  She asked what I envisioned and she followed it to a 'T'.  The vibrant reds and yellows, burlap and get this...firefighter flair!  

See for yourself.

How utterly perfect are those firefighter charms?

Maribel loved it so much as well, she submitted it to a few publications. 

Here is the bouquet featured on the blog The DC Ladies 

Here is the follow up post over at Big Day for 10k

Here is the bouquet featured on Pretty Pear Bride

Do yourself a favor and if you see a giveaway: enter enter enter! Any giveaway you see that you like, enter it.  You just never know! It might be your most favorite thing you've ever won! 

Thanks again to EightTreeStreet and Big Day for 10k for the opportunity to win this!

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  1. You look HOT...hahaha seriously you looked gorgeous! Love the bouquet, she did a fantastic job!