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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bubbles, Rice...YAY!

Throw rice at us, it wishes us a prosperous marriage and future.


Tradition or not, I never really liked the rice idea.  Maybe it's because I know the twisted humor of my friends and family.  No, the rice would not daintily be tossed in the air in a fit of joy.  The rice would most likely be pelted at us with wicked and evil laughs, (all in fun of course) get stuck in my eye, or better yet, my ear.  Yeahhh, let's pass on the rice shall we?

(It also helps that rice is banned in most places.  More namely, the state park we got married at.  Whew.)

Lots of brides do bubbles.  Yes! Let's get soapy before our reception.  I decided to pass on that too.

Being a DIY bride, I wanted something fun and different.  I came across some pennant signs like these for proclaiming excitement after the ceremony.

 Source: etsy

These are adorable!  I had to do them.  

A couple packs of dowels, multi color cardstock, mom's printer and we were in business.
I won't mention the glue gun injuries that occurred.   Oh, who I am kidding, I have serious issues with glue guns whenever I use one.  Yep. I'm special. Don't hate.

I found this rusty old milk jug in mom's house.  She was using as as decor in her living room.  Snatchies!  I stuffed it with some raffia and it was love at first sight.  

 Photo Credit: Ulitmate Party Central

My friends had a blast handing them out!

Photo Credit: Ultimate Party Central

My guests loved the sentiment and I loved the photo op!   I thought my husband was going to crouch down too.  We are both on the tall side and you couldn't see the guests directly behind us.  I guess I was wrong, so I just look silly here.  Silly is fun though!

Another successful DIY!

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