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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's October! *Happy Dance*

All year my Halloween bleeding heart longs for the crisp, cool air of fall.  The beautiful changing of the leaves, the gentle, cool breeze all means one thing to me.

Halloween is creeping just around the corner.

 Mr. Penguin Husband and I love to watch horror movies year round, but it only seems right to make every darn thing we watch in October Halloween or Horror related.  Any other genre would be unsatisfactory.  Though, it is quite hard to watch ANY TV/movies for that matter when we both work 3 jobs.  Yes.  Three.

It should come as no surprise that one of the three is a Halloween themed job.  I'm a haunter and makeup artist for Corner of Chaos.   It's one of the top attractions in the state of NJ, and it sure makes for a very eventful October!

The downside of working three jobs means no spare time.

No time to decorate for Halloween! *gasp*

We aren't home to enjoy it anyway so in reality it makes no sense.

I do try to put some little touches up around the house.

Here is what I did last night:

It still looks too bare for my liking, but it's something and I'm proud of it.  (Considering I haven't done jack to decorate in quite some time)

The zombie baby and Gnome are out year round, lurking in the shadows in the apartment- I just decided to display them in one spot this time.

The Over-sized chalkboard is one of two from our wedding.  We used them to display the seating charts.  As I was searching my blog to link up to what they looked like before, I realized I never blogged about that.  Shame on me.

Remember my post way back about this sign?

It's been a part of my decor around the house ever since.  These lively characters are perched in front of my mantel.  They look like they are in the mood to dance, no?

Hopefully, I can get around to posting more frequently.  I miss it.

I'm also debating on starting up a fitness blog.  More of a "follow my journey" really.  Maybe a fitness blog will help keep me more accountable.

Till next time, little goblins!

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  1. I love the zombie gnome...and so would my husband, LOL!