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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

December the 25th- Hooray!

Anyone remember that song from Scrooge?
The 1970's version with Albert Finney?
Didn't think so- not many people do. Oh, well you can see it here and have ear worm all day like me.

You're welcome! :)

Anyway, I have a Christmas in July event coming up and I figured I'd better get busy making some signs.

I came across a website to make your own subway art the other day and I'm in love.
It's called Wordle.  What are you waiting for? Head over and try it out!

Wait- not yet. Finish my post- leave me a comment on what you think of my sign and what kind of Christmas signs you'd like to see (or any sign for that matter) THEN you can go Wordle your heart out :)

It looked yellowed out thanks to the lovely lighting in my apartment, and the only post worthy pic of it was already instagramed last night. You can follow me @the_sassy_penguin

Till next time...

♫ Jingle bells....jingle bells....♫

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  1. Holy cow ... Christmas in July ... that caught me off guard, but so fun to start thinking about the holidays. Since I live in a place that's is always summer, a white Christmas seems so far away. :)

    1. Karah, normally I wouldn't be even close to thinking about Christmas. (I'm a summer girl) but I was asked to make some Christmas themed signs, so it's fun. Maybe I should put some Christmas music on while making them! :)