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Friday, October 4, 2013

Home Goods is like Crack

Granted, I've never done crack or any other drug for that matter - but based on what I learned in school, it can be pretty addictive.

Home Goods=addictive
Home Goods=Crack

I try to stay away from that store like the plague.  Paycheck? What paycheck, honey? I didn't get paid today?  *evil grin*

So many things to buy, so little money. 

Take this rustic, country farm section for instance.  Love it!

How about this awesome Halloween section.  Oh, I totally fell in love.

And this sign.

This sign I remember seeing a year or so on Ella Claire's blog.  She did a tutorial on it.  See her post here.  I'm wondering how her sign got into Home Goods.  Hmm.

I'm a horrible DIYer.  I initially went into Home Goods to find the pieces to MAKE a cloche.  You can find the how to from  Fox Hollow Cottage right here.  It's simple really.  However, I didn't find the right components.  Nothing jumped out at me screaming, "Hey you! Make me into a cloche!"  So what did I do?  I bought one.  *hangs head in shame*
It was on clearance though, so don't judge me.

There was also an awesome wooden letter A.  How can anyone turn down their last name initial?  Especially, when the last name is still so new!  Mr. Penguin joked last night, "At least we won't forget what our last name starts with." Oh, hush honey!

I realize that I still haven't started taking photos with a better camera.  Based on these, the ones in my house, I realize I have to.  They are just painful to look at.

I also noticed little clown man is slouching.  I rummaged through my handpainted signs and found this little gem to help prop him up.

Ok, all better! (The propping, not the photo quality, obviously)

I managed to get away from Home Goods with only spending $20.  The cloche, the A, and two vases which I'll save for another post.

I'd love to see your Fall/Halloween decorating!
Share your link in the comments and I'll do a feature Friday next week of my favorites!


  1. I. LOVE. HOMEGOODS!!! But your little clown guy? He would give me nightmares!


  2. Love your pretty fall decorations! I recognize that Ella Claire sign too...I hope Home Goods gave her a gift card or something ;-)

  3. Thanks for thinking of me! Yes, it was reproduced without my permission :(. But thank you for recognizing it! <3

    1. Oh NO! This is one of my favorite signs, such a great one and so very recognizable. I hope there is something you can do since you didn't give permission :( That is aggravating! Especially since so many bloggers love Home Goods. Makes me wonder how often this happens.

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