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Monday, December 3, 2012

Jersey Strong

What a whirl wind few weeks we've had here in Jersey. 

Superstorm Sandy ripped though the area with a vengeance at the end of October.  Thankfully, I am not near the shore (I only lost power at my place) but seeing the photos of the devastation still breaks my heart.

So many people without homes.  So many lost so much.  I put together a donation drop off at our firehouse and was able to collect a lot of money and necessities for those in need.  It truly warmed my heart to be able to help so many of those that were affected.  

It isn't anywhere close to normal for a lot of people and won't be for quite some time.  I've donated money and time and will continue to do so until my help is no longer needed.

I had some downtime with my mom the other day and we decided to make some Salt Dough Ornaments.  I had ordered a NJ cookie cutter in hopes of making some cute ornaments.  I love the way they turned out and cannot decide if I should sell them or not. 

Excuse the dark photos, it was about 8pm by the time they were ready to hang, and the only available Christmas tree was the one outside on my parents porch.  (besides, I still have a crappy cell phone camera.  Santa, please bring me a nice camera for Christmas- please and Thank you.)

I love my NJ ornaments and plan on making some as gifts this year.   I love the Salt Dough in general.  It is  super easy to work with and the possibilities are endless. 

Cannot wait to get my hands into some other Christmas gift making shenanigans!

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  1. Wow - love the ornaments in the New Jersey shape - so cute! Nice job. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime last Tuesday!!