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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A haunting mantel

It tires me just to write to this post, thinking of the month yet to come.

Halloween is my favorite holiday (echoooo echoooo. Pretty sure I mention that in every post)

It also means the busiest for me.  I have a full time job that I work M-F 8am-5pm.
The month of October, I work at a haunted attraction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

I also got hired for a chain Halloween store M-Thurs evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

What?? I'm getting married....I need money. ;)

See why I'm already tired?

 I have been debating decorating my apartment for Halloween this year, and the fact that I even have to debate, makes me sad.

I have TONS of decorations in Storage.  I don't want to bring it out.  I really don't.  I won't be home at all to enjoy it.  I'd be setting up these decorations for what?  Not my Fiance either.  He has a full time job, a part time job and works the haunt with me as well.

Neither of us can enjoy it, so why put it up?  Let the saddness commence.

What I DID do however, was decorate my mantel with some things I had around the apartment..

Here's what you see!

The big candle holder on the left, a friend bought me on clearance for only $5  last year. (it's been in my closet, yes...all year. I was too lazy to bring it to storage)

I found the "cheesecloth" stuff at the Dollar Tree, along with the little skull candy dish.  Yes, the candy dish is empty and that makes me sad too.  (We don't get trick or treaters in our apartment complex.  Don't even ask how sad that makes me.)

I found the 2 brass candelabras at a yard sale.  $2 bucks! Those suckers are heavy! Fiance wants to scrap them to make some cash, but I refuse.  I'm debating on painting them.

The 4 paned mirror was a garbage find, spray painted black.  I had 2 of them.

Mr Bones, the skeleteon is a candle holder.  I ordered that in my last book party with Partylite.

Behind Mr. Bones is a dollar store plate.  Some verses from Poe's "Nevermore" are written on it in dry erase marker.  I love that little touch.  I can erase it whenever I want and change it up for the seasons!

I might move the big bulky luminary- something seems off with it.

Overall, I love my mantel considering it was mostly stuff laying around the house.

What do you think?

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  1. Great mantel!! It really does give off a haunted feel! I'm loving that cheesecloth.. think I'm going to go look for one at the dollar store:) And that plate is a nice touch!

    1. Thanks so much Maysem! Hope you find it. Dollar stores have some real great stuff if you look. :)

  2. Oh I love it, very unique and I love the lantern.

    1. Thanks, Joy! The lantern grew on me and has stayed there instead of moving it.